It’s Spring, and that means two things: it’s time for our annual Easter Egg Hunt and Spring Celebration – and it’s time to pay your Hilltop Civic Association membership dues! In fact, did you know that you need to join the Civic Association in order to attend the party?

Your 2019 membership is just $10 – a small amount that is a big help as we control the costs (and crowds) at this annual event – and it helps fund all the other events we do throughout the year.

Joining online is a super-easy, two-part process.

First – fill out this form so we have your information. We won’t send too many emails, and we certainly don’t sell your info, so don’t worry.

Second (and last) pay our dues. You can do it online, with PayPal right on this page. 

That’s it! Once signed up and paid, you can feel great about having played a part in the development of your community!

Thank you!




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