Trick or Treating Guidance from our Hilltop Civic Association
  • Plan for Trick-or-Treating on October 31 from 5:30 to 8:30 p.m.
  • The CDC recommends everyone Trick -or-Treating wear a CDC-compliant mask.
  • It is not safe to wear a costume mask OVER a protective mask, so plan accordingly.
  • Maintain six feet of social distancing from people outside your social circle AT ALL TIMES.

If you plan to hand out goodies during Trick-or-Treating:
  • Place a table 8-10 feet from the end of your driveway, or a similar spot outside the home. Decorations are encouraged!
  • Wash your hands according to CDC guidelines before touching goodies.
  • Place goodies (individually-wrapped candies or small bags) spread out across the table so that one item can be grabbed without touching the other items.
  • Encourage Trick-or-Treaters to come up to the table and not past it.
  • Please leave your lights on to signal you are welcoming Trick-Or-Treaters. Turn your lights off once you are no longer giving away goodies.

If you plan to go Trick-Or-Treating:
  • Take turns approaching tables one person at a time, and wait on the sidewalk while others select their treat.
  • Only touch one treat and take the first one you touch, unless the homeowner indicates that it is OK to take more than 1.
  • Only go to houses with a table in the driveway or near the front porch.
  • Walk on the grass if necessary to maintain social distancing from other groups.
  • Please walk on the right side of the street as much as possible.
For additional guidance visit